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What Type of Plachet error

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I read thru the Dutchmans plachet error decriptions, but couldn't quite put a name with this one.! :ninja: The words & date are very faint on the Obverse like a strike thru, but on the Reverse, they are nearly twice as thick as a normal Lincoln.

Was this struck on the wrong stock? or possibly a wrong alloy mix?? It has a copper washed appearance even on the rim as you can see in the pics.




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I'm not too sure but it looks like it's just worn down and hence the worn plating shows the zinc inside. As of why it is thicker, I'm not sure.


Thats what I thought at first to, and that may be right.! however, the copper finish looks almost like it was sprayed on.. Dont know if this helps, but I weighed the coin & it is 2.4 grains lighter than normal. Also strange is the rolled metal under the date on the obverse & under the "ONE" of cent on the reverse..


I added another pic to show the strange wear..



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it looks like it was in a tumbler.. or something... maybe a rock tumbler.... the silver you can see is the zinc core... not an error tho... just someone messin with a cent.

Yes I agree.

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look at the edge GX its fatter... meaning it was beat against something whether it was a dryer or some other sort of tumbler. I have seen these that are 1/4inch thick and half the size of a cent.


Hu, :ninja: the edge is not any thicker than normal anywhere around the rim.! Thats a illusion given by the single streak of finish left in the center of the rim. Also, if the coin is honed, the tool would have been a vibrating tumber with very mild abrasives.! The coin looks rough but there is actually no dents or dings.!

Any explanations for the extra wide letteing on the reverse.?

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