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Cleaning (NOOO!) a Half


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Okay, how do I get this ugly stuff off? Best I can think of is make it a pocket coin and wear it off eventually, though I think I'll lose it before then.


Versus dipping it in nail polish remover...




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Do not use nail polish remover. If you read the lable is contains all kinds of other stuff. Acetone will probably not work either. Your best bet is to use pure Laquer Thinner. That is not a valuable coin anyway so the Laquer Thinner will not harm the metal. If you are serious about saving that coin after the thinner, use the Acetone, then rinse with distilled water, place on a cotton towel, blow dry with a hair dryer on cool setting, not hot. When finished give to a neighborhood kid, your kid(s) or find a bar, have a drink, leave that coin as a tip. :ninja:

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