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ERROR 2000 "A Pretty Penny" - "Blue", ?'s

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Hi to everyone, I am new.



I recently came across this coin, I am looking for opinions on what kind of error(s) this is, and how much it may be worth.


I have decided to call it "A Pretty Penny" also referred to as "Blue".


Thanks for taking the time to look, please comment.. I am really in need of opinions.


TOP: ERROR - "A Pretty Penny" - "Blue"




if this photo is not working please visit Visit My Website for a photo.


COIN DETAILS : This is a 2000 1 cent, canadian penny.


Color: dark silver, bluish tinge, shiny specs. ?(possibly zinc, or zinc and tin)?


Date: 2000 , Initials: KG ,


Weight: about half the weight of the avarage penny.


Size: slightly bigger(1-2mm) than average penny.


Details: Detached Jewel on end of necklace, and crown detail weak in comparison to average.


Also 0's in the date look wide instead of narrow, and the queens portrait appears slightly higher.


These are the obvious details I noticed defferent about the coin.


I am hoping you can give a possible dollar value as to what this coin may be worth.


Should I put it in a plastic case, or a bank safe is the question ?


Thanks for your help, I look forward to your reply..

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i don know how much its worth sry ;) but i think the coating of the coin has come of ;) (eg in us coins u can notice on the edges bronze/copper on quarters,dimes,etc its cause the caoting has come off ;) ) ehhh don know if i put it the right way xP not that good in this type of errors :D anyway welcome 2 coin ppl :ninja: an im sure other experienced members can help u more then i did ;) x)

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