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1832 Half Cent - What's wrong with this one?


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Not sure, but I really like it. I would love to get one. I dont have one of them. Is it for sale?

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Just my humble opin, at some point in the last 50 years this piece was rather harshly cleaned and retoned. Which is troubling, because without the clean and retone it would be a really nice piece. The portrait is most indicative of an area cleaned and not quite retoned yet.

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eh i think have a worse one but its not cleaned its a 1880 morgy and it was unc and !!dipped in plastic!!! when plastic was made.. as a paper weight. well the old man tryed to sell it to me in the clear plastic which it looked very very nice!! but i figured it was a fake... well he cut it out and took his kinfe and scratched her all over and put it with a jar of pennies!!! i nearly cryed seeing it last year after 5 years... i bought it for 8 dollors and its in my back pocket as i type.. and its starting to darken around the stars!! hehe

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