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GR: Three Different 2007 BU Sets


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This year Greece issues three differently designed coin sets - one with the eight circulation coin denominations, and two that also have an extra €10 collector coin.


The eight-coin set comes in a nicely designed blister pack which depicts several ancient Greek coins issued in the Aegean area. 15,000 of these packs (price €20) are issued.




Then there are two "celebrities" sets which combine the eight circulation coins and a special issue that is only available as part of the set. One is dedicated to the author Nikos Kazantzakis; his most famous work is "Alexis Zorbas". Kazantzakis died 50 years ago.



The other set and coin commemorates the opera singer Maria Callas who died 30 years ago. Both collector coins have bilingual (English/Greek) inscriptions. Each piece, and each of the two theme sets, has a mintage of 5,000. Issue price is €35 per set.



(The prices above are what the Greek central bank charges for these sets.)



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