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Back to college sale

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Hello everyone, due to the fact that I am going back to college to finish up a degree I have decided to sell a few of my coins. If you have any questions about the coins I am offering you can post here or send me a PM.

1935 Au Buffalo Nickel $8 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=928811

1939 Bu Merc $10 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=928813 (SOLD)

1909A VF 3 mark $8 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=928812

1940 rupee Vf/Xf $7 http://www.omnicoin.com/coin_view.aspx?id=9288


I dont know if I posted the links correctly but my screen name at omnicoin is also numismatistnick. I will be offering other US and world coins as soon as I am done photographing them.

Thank you very much for looking!!!!

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