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1795 Flowing Hair Dollar 2 Leaf

how do you grade?  

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  1. 1. how do you grade?

    • AG3
    • G4
    • G6
    • VG8
    • VG10
    • F12
    • F15
    • VF20
    • VF35
    • EF40

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I have been scouting these for the last 1-2 years and have seriously looked at 7-8. I see an extra wide range in grading 'standards' whether this is from some market grading effect or being able to get away with a grade-to-price or a gradual changing in standards for early US issues or what. So..... bookwise (ANA / photograde) plain old VG8 - but I said F12 and the reverse would go F15 because I think that better reflects what I would see it as in respectable coin shops - meaning that is the price it would go for.

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Split grade for me. VG-8 obv, G-4 rev. Net G-6. Clearly enough hair detail on Liberty for a VG-8, yet the feather detail on the eagle is not there. The rim bruise did not affect my grade, after all this is a 212 year old coin!


Here is my NGC VG-10 for comparison purposes. Different variety though (B-5, BB-27; Three leaves).


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I must grade too hard, I went for G-6, the wings lack too much detail to me for anything above that. Last one of these I held in hand was a F-12, and it he was asking $950.00 for it....so yeah, it's been quite a few years since I've seen one in hand, lol.

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