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World Coin Values


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BTW, watta hell is going on? Or is it just Northern Europe blows up with the prices?

The last year prices on coins went up at least 1.5 times, commonly more than twice!

Just an example of Danzig 1 pfennig coins from eBay:


7. July 2007. (I love that date 777)

1930. XF with lustre went $233

1937. doubtful XF went for 41 greens.


Is it normal?



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Worldcoingallery.com is the place I go to get my values, very extensive and quite accurate, it gives only the lowest values and I've only known it to undervalue not overvalue coins, though I cannot be sure it will only do that!




Of course, it is no replacement for the extensiveness of the Standard Catalogs but is a lot cheaper!

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