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Greetings to all

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Hello everyone.


I'm ElleKitty, or Kitty for short, and I'm an addicted Darkside collector. I began collecting when I was seven or eight, buying packets of foreign coins from a local bookstore in the mall. There have been years when I did nothing short of pull coins out of my pocket to expand my collection, but at this point in time I am vigorously purchasing material every week. I'm going to have to slow down soon, or I'll be broke. ^^;


My favourites include Australia, all denominations except the gold. I'm too poor to go for that- yet. My Russian coins have expanded recently, and I've always loved the Japanese coins. The Shogunate era in particular interests me.


Other than that, any specimen of a coin that I haven't tucked away interests me. One from Every Country!


I hope to get to know all of you better, learn many new things about this hobby we share, and perhaps even add a few tidbits of knowledge myself. I love learning, and am proud to be a Numismatist over and above being just a collector.


Happy Tradings!



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welcome to cp!!! my name is dustin from ohio and is 17.. i did only collect american coins unless i found some foreign untill afew people on here turned me on to aussie coins like you and french coins.. there very bad people lol.. hope ya have fun here!!!

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welcome to coin ppl ;) "hi my name is roaddevil and im a coin addict" im from bahrain 16 yrs old ;) i collect any coin that every existed ;):ninja: its hard sometimes xD ;) my main field of collectin is swiss coins (just started few days ago :D)

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Hi Kitty,

Nice to see a familiar face here.

They seem to be a great bunch of people, what do you reckon, will we stay. :ninja:

Are you specialising in any particular Aussie coins or just collecting odds and ends?

Let me know if I can help you wqith anything.

regards, Muckeye.

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