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US eagle 1$ note and gold certificates


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Hi ppl, Im not realy into this hobby (at least wasnt so far)

Until recently I run into a couple of old dollar bills (ancient family history)

I would like to know their price, because when I checked on ebay the prices went from 50$-5M$

Also I would like to know what are the cretarions of notes estimations (whats hot and whats not)

so here's what I have: ***I will add copies if needed.

1899 1$ silver dollar, large eagle note

1906,1922 10$ and 20$ Gold certificate

1917 2$/1$ big notes

I have more but these seemed most valuable


thanks in advance


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I can tell you the 1906 $20 is hot right now, but it seems yours is a 1922 and the $10 is a 1906. The others are fairly common but popular, if you can post photos so we can see the signature combinations that will also help determine value as there are many combinations for each of the notes you mention.

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For those three, the silver certificate is an FR. 237, a very common variety, and the grade looks like it might be Fine, I would suppose this one might sell in the $20 range. The middle $20 is a 1914 Federal Reserve Note, FR. 971, also fairly common and as it looks, in a pretty low grade, this might bring $40. The last one is a a 1914 Federal Reserve Note, FR. 990, also very common (though slightly less common than the Fr. 971). Again the grade appears to be low with some discoloration, perhaps burn or rust marks, this one might bring $40-50. Hope this helps!

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That's a very nice collection of notes you have there emsee. I would be happy to own any of them! As for values, I am no expert on that, but you have some that will fetch well over $100 and several (like the 1923 silver certs) that won't go very high. If you spend some more time on here, and we get to know you more, you can offer them for sale here instead of ebay as well. You must be a member for 30 days, and have at least 30 posts beforehand though. (Correct me if I'm wrong on the post number guys) But overall, you have many nice, and sought after notes.

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thanks, these dollar bills are laying down in my family for like 60 years.

They actually have some history. (In USSR some one who is known to have $ wouldn't walk free/live very long (not more than a day I think))

So they where hidden since the WWII.

We think this money belongs originally to some jewish family murdered by Nazis, but thats only speculations.

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I am certainly an advocate for keeping coins in the family, my core collection will never leave the family, or at least stay until I die. But hopefully I will manage to get at least one kid hooked on this stuff, that is, once I have kids, lol. Maybe in another 3-4 years my lil lady and I might think about that, otherwise her mother will probably get them as she is the only other one who appreciates coins besides me in this family.

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Great notes, MC. I certainly agree with the others. If you do sell them off, keep some choice ones for future generations or friends who may get into collecting. That's how I got started in this hobby - a note just like one you have from an uncle.

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eheh ill pass my collection 2 my children ;) when i have some ^_^ an let em like collecting aswell ;) eheheh if i die ill let my sis have it ^_^ since she knows i liked em so much (i tell her everyday xD lol an hope she starts collecting xD but she says no xD) an i told her nvr ever 2 sell em if i die an she gets em ;) an 2 give it 2 her children (when they grow up that is xD so they dont sell it all xD) ;) ahhh like a lil family hierloom :D ...i am thinkin that almost all of us started collecting due to a famiyl member :D me my mum gave me a bunch of coins when i was small :D ...my dad used 2 only hoard still in circulation coins from bahrain xD didnt collect world coins or banknotes or anythin only hoard em an stash em :ninja: he forgot wat happend 2 em now X< xD

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Ok, I will try to give you as much information as I can:


$2 1917, these are FR. 60, very common, may be worth in the $20-50 range

$10 National - I am just not that familiar with small size nationals

Another set of $2, also FR. 60 see above

$10 FRN, this is an Fr. 911, fairly common, may bring $30-60

$20 Gold Cert - Fr. 1187, fairly common but popular, should be >$100

$10 Gold Certs - Fr. 1173, again common, but popular, should be >$100

$20 Gold Cert - 1906 Teehee Burke, Fr. 1186, has about 10% of the census of the Fr. 1187, $200

$20 Gold Cert - the other two are Fr. 1187 see above.

$1 Black Eagle - Fr. 236, common but popular, might bring $40-60

$1 Silver Cert - These are the common Fr. 237, perhaps $10-20

$1 silver cert - Fr. 237, see above

$20 FRN - these ones I responded to yesterday, see comments above.

$5 National - Fr. 606, I think larger banks like Chase are fairly common, perhaps $50-100

$20 FRN - Fr. 990, see above.

$20 FRN - Fr. 988, fairly common, might be $100

$5 FRNs - Fr. 851, pretty common, might fetch $40-60

$5 silver certs - I am not sure on these ones as I collect mostly large size notes.

Small $50 FRNs - These are fairly common, but note collectors tend not to collect larger denominations, so you might get a small premium to face.


With all of my comments, please remember, these are not firm prices or offers. In fact, it appears that most of your notes have condition issues from the method of storage, but the prices I quoted were ranges on non-problem notes in recent auctions. So please use them only as a guide very loosely.

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