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1830 Bust Dime AU $290

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:ninja: Wow... i'm very tempted on that one.

I agree. Im also tempted. I love that design. Im buying some dimes half dimes and Half dollars. I will post soon. the most I have paid for one coin is $110. I usually just buy at Blue Book value, but if I see a coin I really like I will pay what someone is asking for it. I always buy coins and never sell them. I dont know what Im going to do with all of them. I guess I could open a coin store. There was a coin dealer were I live but he closed. So that probally means business isnt good around here.

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So LD, the ONLY reason I'm not buying this off your hands is because I'd really like to buy such a nice coin in person... check it out face to face, etc. You have me inspired though!

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