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Guess what's going to come

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Well, if we are not talking about Western Europe, then the chances of talking about Orthodox Christians rises. As an Orthodox myself, I couldn't answer the season question just like that. It depends on how you look at it. Spring would be important, since it is the time Christ is reborn. Summer is important as it is the season we celebrate the Virgin Mary. Winter is not that important to Orthodox Christians, even if Christ's birth is celebrated in winter. Autumn is not important at all, I would say.


Grrrrr... Where are you Krause.... And again! From the beginning.

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One more try:


Lithuanian 50 Litu of 1996. It has two dates (1991 - 1996), shows a scene after the removal of the Christ which happens in the spring (before Easter), has probably been a theme for paintings and stamps (I am sure, but no idea where), it weighs 23.3 g and does not appear on Omnicoin. (KM 100)

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Graikos wins ;) I'm still looking for some neat silver coins.


It has been very tough - thank you very much for participating. Had fun I hope? ;)


Graikos, please send me an email at gxseries AT coinpeople.com (please do not PM me as my PM box is full!!!)


Also, BigM, roaddevil and dustin, I believe you are under 18 and hence deserve a special prize for participating. I can't afford to send silver coins for all lots, so please kindly forgive me. ;) Please send me your address to the mailbox mentioned. Others, thanks for participating! (next time it will be TWICE as hard ;) )


Thanks for participating everyone! I will photograph that coin when it arrives here. (To be honest, I don't even know how it looks like other than it being a proof :ninja: )

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Indeed! Thank the Gods, I decided to look at it through western eyes and then Christmas IS the most known and important one(Btw... I know my way around the Orthodox faith, but I am far from being religious). The hint about kids being the only people on the coin was a big help as well! :D


Woa... that was fun, but hellishly exhausting. You are a torturer! ;) ;)


Email will be on the way shortly.


A big thank you to the rest for participating as well. That way I didn't feel half as crazy and obsessed! :D

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