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5000 Yen no date (1997) Nagano WINTER Olympics - I bet on Hockey player...

Can I explain?

- It is related to winter

- It has no date

-It is from Japan

-I did not find it on Omnicoin (sincerelly... I'm too lazy now to search for it..)

-Many people here are ice hockey fans.

So, close right now this contest and send me the prize! :-)

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First Guess:A Ukranian 200 000 Karbovanets from 1996, commemorating the 100 years from the first new summer Olympics of 1896?


Second guess: Here is a picture.


Third guess (this must be it)


Czechoslovakia 500 Korun 1987????


Two dates 1887 - 1987

Silver 24 g



It does not appear in Omnicoin

Artist: Josef Lada

KM# 136

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That's the spirit Graikos - use all the hints! :ninja:


Dustin, if no one wins, I'll start bombing more hints - maybe more than two per day if it helps. So people, you should refresh this thread more often! ;) And if no one even got a single answer right, looks like I'll have to pick one that seems the prettiest so you might as well pick one nice world coin for me to check out ;)


New hint updated. Now that should be a HUGE hint.

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EDIT: This will not be my answer post. I'm still leaving it in as a reminder of my near breakdown because of this tough competition. :ninja:



Grrrrrr... This is making me craaaaaazy! I am thinking and thinking everytime I have a spare second. I just wanted to have a short, quiet break... but nooooo... you had to give out a new hint. Google is doing overtime since, as is my mind.


Ok, one more try.


1 dollar of Niue Island with Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers on it. I am not judging the looks of this coin, just trying to find the answer. So far we got... two dates (1853 -1890), a season (summery... sun... sunflowers.... summer), a famous piece of art that has appeared on a stamp and it does not appear on omnicoin.


By the way... since this probably isn't it... here you can have a look at it.


The only thing I couldn't find is the relation to the Russian coin.





PS: Oh, are we allowed more than one guess?

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Oh, I see. Well, then please ignore my weird Van Gogh coin. I will edit my answers in the Olympic coin post.


The new hints... sigh*


:ninja: got to get this riiiiiight! ;)



I have edited my answer with an Austrian coin depicting "The Kiss" by Klimt.

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