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2 head quarter

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I don't accept paypal, checks or M.O.'s Cold hard cash ONLY!! No return, you buy it, you keep it. I saw one like it the other day for 2X the price, really.



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I don't have 50k cash laying around, what with this being a holiday week-end and all.  Would you take 48k and a pile of Churchill crowns??

I was hoping for some of those Intis "things"

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That being the Ultra R@RE - L@@K -- 46-37 double date combo - it should fetch a pretty penny. :ninja:


I'd have to guess that the final bid will be at least 3 50 Intis notes, plus a Churchil Crown. Or 2 50 Intis notes without the Churchill Crown.


edited: forgot my note of sarcasm.

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50k means 50 cents? Looks correct:two quarters=1 half...


50 kents :ninja:


Actually, no quarters at all. I can't see the text "QUARTER DOLLAR" on either side of the coin... So it's nothing ;)

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Guest Stujoe


Would anyone pay 50K for that????


And, is that normal? As SilverDollarman said, the dates are so far appart....


I am not doubting you 16D, no way! You did so much for me! ;)


I think he has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. ;)

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heheh...it's a joke unk. those coins are novelty items used for magic tricks and for winning coin flips with your friends. what usually happens is someone who doesn't collect coins would find one, and think it's a major error. then he'd try selling it on e-bay for a jillion dollars, or he'd take it to a coin dealer and expect a jillion dollars.

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