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Czech Ctrl Bank To End Circulation Of CZK0.5 Coin


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PRAGUE (Dow Jones)--The monetary board of the Czech central bank, or CNB, said Thursday that it has decided to take the 0.5 koruna ($0.02) coin, or fifty heller coin, out of circulation as of Sept. 1 2008, as public usage of it gradually dwindles.


The CZK0.5 coin is currently the country's lowest coined value in circulation.


"Only 10% of these coins actually return from circulation to the central bank," the bank said in a statement, adding that this proves the coin's little usage.



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We used to not be able to spend these:



50 hellers would buy some gum and 350 crowns would get you some jeans. Of course a doctor made 2,000 - 5,000 crowns a month (depending on whether you were a woman or a man) and average folks made 1,500 or less a month. So jeans were expensive and my wife's 28k salary a month ($1,000 US) was beyond most people's imagination.

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