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Please help to identify two coins


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Your second coin is from Pantikapeion in Thrace. It is from the 4th century B.C. The obverse is the head of Pan, and the reverse is a bull. I wonder if yours might be of more recent origin, though. The head of Pan does not look quite right stylistically, when compared to others and the head usually takes up more of the field, almost the whole flan. I have included a link to Wildwinds page on these coins for comparison.



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Hi Coin People,

please help to identify two coins. First coin Russian 1 kop. but which year of issue?

Second coin likely ancient. Which country, period?

Thank you.

The writing on the first one almost looks more Cyrillic than Greek. My first thought was that the first two lines in inscription in the middle said Ko-pyeka (i.e., Kopek), but I see there's an "n" (looks like an H) in the middle, and I don't think "Kopyenka" is right. So my hunch was probably way off base.

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