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Mexico 1980 1 Peso Struck on 1979 50 Centavos

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hey gang! there is a great story behind this coin... I originally bought this coin more then 2 years ago... Money got tight and I sold it on e bay. I was looking at one of jos's coins the other day and it reminded me of this coin... so on a whim I went on e bay and searched for Mexican errors... low and behold what do I find??? The exact same coin for sale!!!! I ended up winning it and am now the proud owner of this coin... again...


I was very happy to be able to buy back one of my favorite coins ever and I am just amazed that it happened to be on e bay when I was looking for it..... maybe I need to open one of those "free reedin" lines...


here she is... about to go into pcgs with a lot of stuff...









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