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is this an Austrian corination medal


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the date is the date of his ascension to the throne...it is the 25th anniversary as he ascended the throne on December 2 1848...he had a very long reign...68 year to be exact. There are a variety of medal types commemorating this date...I have one. This design is used as a General Campaign Medal made of silvered zinc alloy, I think there were bronze versions as well. There should be a hallmark ‘K*M’ on the edge. If you served in any of the Austro-Hungarian campaigns, you got this general medal...there are other medals for specific types services like 25 year service, some for specific battles, for merit, bravery, etc...This is like a participation medal. I would say its worth about 15-20 dollars in that rough condition.


Franz Joseph Kaiser v Osterreich Konig v Bohmen etc. Apost Konig v Ungarn


Franz Joseph Emperor of Austria King of Bohemia (czech) etc. Apost (Apostolic King) King of Hungary


Apostolic King was an hereditary title of the King of Hungary by the way.





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