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British tokens


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Does anyone know any good books on British tokens produced in the 18th and early 19th centuries?


The late Fred Schwer is supposed to have produced an authoritative book on them (according to February 2007's Coin News) but it doesn't state the name of the book.


I am really interested in these tokens, only British as they are very attractive and convenient for me to collect due to my location.


Anyone who can tell me anything about literature for these pieces thankyou very much :ninja:

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You're probably thinking of Conders. Here's a link to some of mine.


There's a few standard references of which the Schwer is sort of second tier. I have a copy of his book somewhere but don't refer to it much as it concentrated on prices as i recall and they're long out of date.


"The Provincial Token-Coinage of the Eightteenth Century" by Dalton & Hamer is sort of the defacto standard even though it was first published in the early 20th century, then republished again in the 1960s and 1990s. There may have been further editions as well.


The term "Conder" was given to these tokens because the first reference book was written by a contemporary collector who also issued his own tokens. :ninja:


Try here for the Conder Token Collector's Club.

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well here is a wiki article I put together about conder tokens and a few on my own conder tokens....also I have some links to other sites about them...I love them...if they are cheap and easy to buy where you are...buy me some :ninja:






(the newton token on the article is mine ;) )






what you are looking for is:


'Schwer price guide to 18th century tokens' Siegfried E. Schwer








If you are looking for a definative authoratative up to date source for Conder Tokens (18th Century Provincial Tokens) then you want:


'The Provincial Token - Coinage of the 18th Century' by R. Dalton and S. H. Hamer


This is a site I have bookmarked and linked from my site as it is a great resource:




might have a copy of this book here:



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Drusus, I don't believe they are particularly cheap over here, I think the average ones sell for about 5-10 pounds and ones in VF - UNC can be anything up to hundreds.. :ninja: that's probably because everyone likes them.

Thanks for all the info - I am still working thru' it, never knew they had a collective name...


Elverno I see you have some very nice coins there - any idea as to values? "I was hungry and ye' gave me meat" - that one looks very clear, bet it's worth a lot!

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Elverno I see you have some very nice coins there - any idea as to values? "I was hungry and ye' gave me meat" - that one looks very clear, bet it's worth a lot!


Yeah the Badminton pieces apparently all had a mintage of about 200-250. If I remember right I paid 60-70 dollars US for that piece. Probably too much but I liked it and had money burning in my pocket. Ah the good ol' days...

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