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Art's 2007 Christmas Notes


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Well, it's time for me to begin the purchase quest for my 2007 Christmas Notes. This year I figure that I will need about 100 notes. I'm looking at a few auctions on ebay for Zambia notes. I think they are quite attractive and the prices are reasonable.


Zambia 50 Kwacha notes auction


Zambia 2 Kwacha Notes on ebay


So my question is: Does anyone have suggestions for anything else? Prefer normal size notes that are colorful and would hold folks interest so they'd want to put them in their collections even if they don't usually collect banknotes.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I think both notes are nice, I am also a big fan of Zambias currency (hence my avatar). I like the K50 a bit more because of its size, a bit bigger than a US note, while the K2 is a bit smaller. A bug to put in your ear are the 1992-current issues with the eagle I have on my avatar, I love these notes, and the K20-K100 can be had for about $30-$50 per 100 pack. Either route you go, you can't go wrong with Zambia. :ninja:

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Thanks for all of the helpl. I went ahead and ordered some notes from the seller Brett mentioned. He's got quite a lot of nice offerings.


Thanks to everyone for their help.

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