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Best way to store large medals


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Okay, I asked this on another forum but I think there are several people here who collect medals thus this might be a better place to ask...I have some old medals of which I have posted here a while back. I am looking for a good way to store them. Some of them are rather large...maybe almost 4" for one...a few are pretty thick. Any idears? How do YOU store your over sized medals?

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Your question is pending on the material of the medals. Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silver, etc.????

Each type of material reacts differently with different materials. If you put any metals in a wooden cabinet and that wood had been treated for longevity, that preservative could ruin coins. Again, pending material. Note any Copper or Copper based medals are very susseptable to Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur and on and on and on. With a little humidity, this reaction is increased dramatically. If you want to store any material for long periods of time, you must know the material, what items react with it, temperatures that effect them and just lots of other things. Just remember that most wood cabinets nowadays are treated with some types of chemicals and it would be in your interest to find out which ones prior to putting any coins or medals in them.

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