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1803 COIN ID Help...


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From my research on the Internet I believe the coin is SOUTH AMERICAN - possibly Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru or Mexico. The Washington-like image on the coin I believe is actually King Carolus III or IV. I do not know what is said on the right side of the obverse


The coin obverse shown on this page --> http://scoan.oldnote.org/obv.html <-- may be what my coin actually looks like, with the exception of the DEI GRATIA, I do not think that is on my coin. Thank you for your help!



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This could actually be a reales coin (will have to check again for denomination posibilities) of Charles the IV (Carolus IIII) of Spain. The reverse could fit. I remember the lion and castle.


EDIT: What is the diameter of the coin?

EDIT2: Hmmm... The reverse looks rather like a Maravedis coin.

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Probably a 2, 4 or 8 maravedis as others have suggested. The mint / country may be a bit tough since similar coins were struck in different parts of the Spanish Empire. This 2 maravedis is from the Segova mint.



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