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More Random Coins for Sale!

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I am trying to liquidate some of my more random holdings, so I am listing a bunch here and will likely put them on eBay later. Here are a bunch of random dated coins, more will be added along the way. The price does not include shipping, as that will be added based on the weight and where it's being shipped to. As always, I will accept cash, checks, money orders and Paypal. If you are interested, please PM me or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com. Counter offers are welcome!





1916 AG: $2

1919-S AG: $2

1927-D AG/G: $2

1971-D Unc.: $1

1985-D Unc.: $1

1986-D Unc.: $1



1899 G: $5

1915 AG/G: $4



1964 Proof: $7

1965 SMS: $4

1967 SMS: $4

1976-D Unc: $1

1983-D Unc: $2

1991-P Unc: $1



1893 Columbian XF/AU: $20

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Here are some more I added to the coins for sale:



1857 half dime - Ebay

1854 dime w/arrows- Ebay

1877 quarter AG/G- Ebay

1858 half dollar AG/G - Ebay



1920 Pilgrim Half Dollar VF/cleaned - Ebay



1966 1/2 franc XF/AU $1

1964 1 franc XF/AU $3



1960 2 1/2 guilder VF/XF $7


The foreign silver coins I tried to price close to the metal value, but I did not know the exact metal content of each, so I made an educated guess. The half franc is the size of a dime, the franc the size of a quarter, and the 2 1/2 guilder is larger than a half dollar.


Thanks for looking!

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