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Asian year calculator - calculates Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese years


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I made a script with the help of someone else online to make a calculator to calculate Asian years. I've put in some simple illustrations to help those who have no idea of the differences between them - hopefully it will be of use to someone :ninja:




Design is a bit ugly but the calculator should be working fine - I have tried to wreck it a few hundred times by now.

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I tried to break it too, but so far I cannot get Emperor Showa to reign for 159 years either :ninja:


BTW I like this too:




Pretty sweet for an aluminium coin. I have plenty of these from when my father was in Okinawa, but I never saw less than a 10 Yen coin in circulation when I was in Japan(just in Tokyo though) Psst, I think Japanese coins are very overlooked and have great future potential. I love them, especially the early stuff from the 19th century.

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That's great as Showa era didn't last after 64 years ;)


The 1 yen is actually a proof, not a UNC - didn't have a nice UNC Heisei example and hence decided to put a proof coin just for the sake.


Japanese coins are actually slowly on the rise but that said, Japanese gold coins have always been very very very high and have rarely went down in prices. Trial coins too are expensive... and compared to next door, Korean coins under the Japanese protectrate era have skyrocketed to prices that I have never seen before - I swear there is some kind of consipriacy like what Banivechi said!!! ;) I assume that once I actively start collecting Japanese coins, prices will go up dramatically :ninja:

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