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2 Centimes 1835 - Rotated doublestrike

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Hi gang!





I bought this one last week, and very glad I did. You can see the underlaying image of the first strike. The second blow has spread this image somewhat. However, there is still something strange in the date. The date on the first strike doesn't look like 1835, but rather 1833. I must be seeing things :ninja:


These are the images from the seller. I don't have the material to make similar quality pics, so these will have to do for now.


What do you guys'n'gals think?


A doubledated doublestrike would be even nicer ;) But I'm already happy with this one as it is.





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The design of the 1833 is slightly smaller than the 1835, and they are usually struck a tiny bit offcenter. That would also explain why the underlaying image had a smaller diameter than the final strike.


I will have to find me a microscope to be sure. And to say it has been for sale there for over 3 years...


But all's well that ends well :ninja:





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Just discovered some more proof it's a 1833 under there.




Compare the distance of the monogram-curl to the O in ROI.

You can see easily it hasn't been struck twice with the same dies. The position is all wrong too. But when you look at the 1833, it's a perfect match.


So it's official: Belgium 2 Centimes 1835 Struck on a 2 Centimes 1833 !


This is officially my favorite error :ninja:





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