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Using numismatics to advertise is still alive


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Using currency to advertise is certainly still alive.


Carlsberg drops some pounds in London:



Isn't doing something like this in the US illegal?



For commercial purpose yes, it is defacing money. The marketing company for some movie recently ran afoul of the Feds for pasting their adverts for the movie on quarters.

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Thats kool. I have a penny out of a box of Cheerios 2000p. I got a mint set back in 1977 out of a box of cerial. I dont remember what brand of cerial it was? All I have left is a shinny penny left in the sealed plastic. My older brother cut the dime, nickel, Quarter, and the Half dollar out. I wish I had the whole set in the plastic. I thought it was a cool way to get children to start collecting coins. They should keep doinf that. When I found the money sealed up in plastic I didnt know what it was(I thought it was cash back). My mom told me It was a mint set.

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What is that restaurant with the big yellow arched M? :ninja:


There is a MickyD's in Lancaster that only has one arch by its sign, and the sign has coats of arms on it, lol. My guess it's a really old one.


Years ago, back in the early 90's I think (late 80's maybe) Smacks (I think) had world coins in the cereal.



(Btw, if anyone had the dollar from that box of cheerios, it's considered a prototype coins with different tail feathers on the eagle. It's worth quite a lot of money, so don't go spending it! ;))

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