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John J. Ford Jr. Collection - Auction Part 1

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This catalog is the first in the John J. Ford Jr series. It deals with Early American Coins such as the Continental Dollars, the New Jersey Coppers, Vermont Coppers and Fugio Cents. The section devoted to Confederate States of America Numismata is outstanding. Included are articles by Ford on the Confederate States Coinage:


  • The Confederate States Treasury Department:
  • Numismatica Americana: The Confederate Cent
  • The History of the 1861 Confederate Half Dollar
  • CSA Restrikes
  • The Flight and Capture of President Jefferson Davis : A Meddalic Record...


$12.50 plus $5.50 S&H to US Addresses. Shipping to non-US addresses can be arranged.

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what do you need??.....


Some older Wash quarters (silver type),


Mercs (list here in WTB)


Liberty Walkers


Barber dimes, quarters, halfs


Buffalo nickels


.... and lots more. Anything match what you have to trade.

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