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Pretty Coin Picture Thread

Guest Stujoe

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Well i could post some hammered coins that i think are nice eye appeal wise but i'd be in a minority, since the designs are most just legends and no portraits or pictures.


However perhaps the only coin i have that might be able to partake in this with any success is this.



Which is alright but it ain't no $20 Lib.


Now you got me confused I thought this one was the Double Eagle Liberty and the older one was the Double Eagle Coronet ?

Anyway I prefer this one

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The $20 as designed by James Longacre issued upto 1907 are either Coronet Liberties, or Liberties. Usually just referred to as the $20 Liberty.



The front facing liberty issues from 1907 to 1933 were designed by Augustus Saint Gauden, and are thus referred to as either Saints or Saint Gaudens $20.



Or at least that's what i've always used.

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Latvia: 5 Lati 1931

The alltime favourite, Milda!



Ottoman Empire: 40 Para 1856

I think this is one of my nicest coppers. Looks quite bad on scan ;)

Pitty it has those "edge-things" on it :ninja: Without them it would be even as good as XF



Soviet Union: 1 Poltinnik 1925

Not actually "pretty", but it has "something" ;)

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Well, I have shown them before (don't think the thread made it accross) but it's a holiday here in the U.S. and I am feeling sorry for myself and missing my wife so here are a few pretty coins she bought me over the years.







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