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yea :D u said that at the begining of the topic ;) i represented mongolia in bahrain model united nations this yr :D!!!! general assembly :ninja: won best speaker an best dressed guy awards later ;) an got a couple of fans ;) eheheheh anyway :D since that time i wanted a note from mongolia :D!!! but cant find any note or coin here in bahrain from mongolia :/ ;) so again tnx :wub:!!!

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I was taking a look at the notes this morning again. The smallest Mongolian is tiny. I have never had such a small note in my hand, except when I was playing Monopoly. It is so interesting to try to get a feeling about how other countries use and see paper money. The Surinam banknote is so colorful. I now understand how much I am used to colored themed paper money, like the Euro, Drachmai or Deutsche Mark. I don't remember any banknote that was similarly full of different hues and colors.


I will try to make some scans of them, even tho I'm sure most of you know what they look like.


Thank you again, Milacent.

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got the mail 2day :D top 2 ;) >_< stupid customs ravaged the envelop >_< grr!!! but the notes where not harmed :D nice packaging :ninja: cause if they couldnt c wats in the paper they would have ripped the notes ;) stupid buffons ^_^ anyway now i know it takes 6 days from newyork to bahrain ;) an 7/8 from cali :D handy for future trades ;) again ty mila :D

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