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Well I don't think I have ever held a contest here so this will be my first.


I'd like to try something different. How quickly can you solve a picture puzzle?


Put the puzzle pieces together


Click on the link above for the puzzle- allow it to load and if the " 70 Piece Bulbs" is not shown, click the "Change Cut" to select it. In order to win, the puzzle pieces must be in this cut.


The puzzle is to be solved in the ' '70 Piece Bulbs ' cut only. ' Auto Solve' is not to be used.


Once you piece the puzzle pieces together you are to post here your picture results,


'Crop' your image to post Sample shown below --which will display your time..... not the time you must beat, it's just an sample pic.



The member who matches my time results or is closest to my time, without going over wins.


My time result will be added later when a winner is found. Any question? Please ask.



The prize?


a collection of banknotes:


1 Suriname 5 gulden


1 Mongolia 1 tugrik


1 Mongolia 10 tugrik


1 Mongolia 20 tugrik


1 Mongolia 50 tugrik




Ends July 23, 2007 at midnight EST forum time.




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:D easy puzzle an fun tnx for the contest ;) tried 70 piece's first ;) (took me 14 min xD) and then tried few on 20 piece's to know the pic :D an then 70 again ;) got 4.11 min but couldnt attach the pic to big tried resizing it u cant c anythin an i tried to resize it back but the pic was spoiled so i had to go to the site again an re do it ;) did it faster then before thou :ninja:




(Ps:- Im a puzzle freak ^_^ tnx for the site ^_^)

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odd... i did 70 pieces bulb too. I got 13:39 (I can't do screen shot on my Apple that I know how to do and i tried coping it but messed that up. you'll have to believe me).


The FASTEST time the game said had been done so far was 10:20 or something.... sooo I don't know what puzzles you guys are doing.


Also to give me credit I didn't try it in few pieces first. I woulda done better too if I didn't have some of the pieces hidden behind completed parts.

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The entire screen not needed. If you can 'crop' the image to.. as shown in my sample would be better. Would also save space and bandwith on the site.




I also have a page of New York images and Betty Boop. If you like to check them out let me know.

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cool tnx ;) but i wonderd if i crop it how can u know i didnt just pause the time(u can click on the time to pause it but when u move a piece the time continues again) or something ? :ninja: so i did the whole thing an took the screen shoot ;) an tnx for the site with the program ;) i always use paint xD maybe time for a change ;)

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My time results:




The member who came closest to my score is......graikos........Congrats !

Please provide your mailing info via email.


Apparently there wasn't much interest in puzzles (or the prize offered)...... only 7 members participated.

So.....in that note I will award you remaining 6 players a Thank you for your effort.








Please provide me your mailing info for Monday's mailing.


Thank you,


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