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Need Translation help for German Notgeld Note


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Hello, I am having difficulty translating this notgeld bill. I am trying to get as much info on each note as I can (and that is tough because there isnt a lot of detailed info online at least). I have some info on this note, where its from, a catalog number, etc...I want to translate everything on the obverse and reverse and maybe even find out who the figure is supposed to be, assuming he respresent something, someone, a mythological person, whatever...and figure out what is under the date on the reverse and what it says on the right side of reverse...


Anyway, a good start is to translate the bill, anyone up for the task of helping me out? Some parts, because of the funky type, I cant even tell what the words and letters are...any help would be great..thanks




What I have so far is on the obverse with the figure:


Esarune Die Tanneeswachse Das Erz? Something about Ore maybe?


and the reverse on the right: gilfig? bis 3 monat nach offent(f)licher Aufforde rungzur Einlosung!


Bottom under date: Der G(?)emeindevorstand and Die kurverwalhung




and I simply cannot make out what it says under the figure on the obverse

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