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Neat site for Chinese Counterfeits


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Minor when you consider just how many Chinese fakes of all kinds are out there. Have you heard about the fake Coldgate toothpaste from them. Poisonous. If you ever go to the average flea market you'ld think you just landed in China. It sure is funny when you see a Mexican that can hardly speak English selling everything made in China to someone from Poland around here. Communication situation is fun to watch. I thought I'd buy a bunch of Chinese made Tennis Balls for the kids next door at the flea market. I found out they are good for about one serve. OH well the dogs in the next yard like them.

I just don't know what is holding up our Mint from outsourcing our coinage to China anyway.

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One of the managers where I work, asked my opinion on how much a coin he bought was worth. This is what he showed he:




I was sorry I had to give him the bad news. Fortunantly he was only out $5.


BTW. That's a great site. Thanks for posting it.

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