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Celebrity Ugly Coin Competition - Week 8

Guest Stujoe

Who is uglier?  

  1. 1. Who is uglier?

    • Shriver dollar
    • Playdough Princess

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Guest Stujoe
For those with speakers who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://thegongshow1976.com/LoveesCo.ram )


My that last one had been going forever! Folks, my apologies!!!! I made the unfortunate mistake of looking at our new winner (I fear to say her name), and was nearly turned into stone! :ninja:  After weeks in a state of comatose, I somehow was able to break free from her mesmerizing ugliness and managed to escape. I knew right away that this woman was too dangerous for our family oriented programming- (plus I am shamelessly looking to headline this site :mrgreen: , and one will not become primetime with that mug on the marque ;) ) , thus I began my underground search for another Ugly.


It was not enough this time to just pick an ugly from the audience. I had to summon one from the beyond, and I found a worthy contestant. Her guardians in Hades were only too willing to see her leave. Her permiscuous advances were torturing the poor souls, and even the beasts of Hell were quivering with fear, lest she join them forever. :badgrin:


So with no further ado, let us welcome our two contestants. Returning for her first week as reigning champion, the epitome of nasty and ugly (shudder), the one with a toupé on her head, welcome ..........ewwww........



And her opponent, a former monarch forced to abdicate because of..... -it must have been the looks! :badgrin:  Her image presages the tellytubbies by nearly 150 years and proves that one can win without a chin, the Playdough Princess, Isabella the Skank -oops, I mean second! :twisted:



You know the drill- hit the Gong when you have had enough of looking at either of their faces!

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