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2007 Penny, no mint mark

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Well, I wish I could take a decent picture of this to show you guys, but I havent found a good way to do that yet. I'm wondering if anyone would know the value of it? It is barely circulated, and has no mint mark at all... a very interesting coin.

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;) us coins with no mint mark r minted phildelphia (as dustin said :ninja:) so its not really an error its normal but if it was slighty off struck or double struck , etc then its an error ;) try using a magnifying glass an check for doubling maybe ull get lucky ;)


An welcome to cp ;)

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Ah, so thats normal then? Interesting, I have a real error coin then, but the error is hard to explain, so until i have a good photo of it, I'll keep you guys waiting....

To take good pictures you need to put your loop or magnifying glass up to the lense and zoom in. This should help you get good close ups.

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