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Celebrity Ugly Coin Competition - Week 7

Guest Stujoe

Who is uglier?  

  1. 1. Who is uglier?

    • Baudouin franc
    • Shriver dollar

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Guest Stujoe
For those with speakers who want a heightened experience, click the following link before reading: http://thegongshow1976.com/LoveesCo.ram )


No matter how long I let the last contest go, it seemed that King Bootie was destined to win. He has banished Margrethe back to Oz and thus continues to show his bootie to us here. Oooops! Sorry, that is his face! :badgrin: So for one more time this year, welcome the King of Pain- Baudineinfenhgihagh –ähhh whatever! :ninja:





We had another contestant lined up, but I booted him down the list a bit as he was not ugly enough! We need Oxford Dictionary ugly to deafeat bootie-head. So I sent out a crack team of specialists armed with protective eyewear to find us this week’s contestant. I believe she needs no introduction, although it would benefit our audience to better defend themselves! :mrgreen: All I will say is this, the coin could never be used as a game coin as you cannot tell which is heads and which is tails! ;)  Please give a rude welcome to the Shriver dollar!




You know the drill- hit the Gong when you have had enough of looking at either of their faces!

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