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Collecting Russian Coins

Johnny 1989

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I have recently been looking at Russian (in particular USSR/CCCP) coins on both the world coin gallery & GX Series' Omnicoin collection and have to say how much I like these coins and that I am now interested in collecting them (along with my British Empire/Commonwealth coins).


I was just wondering if there are any tips anyone can give in regards to cllecting these coins, what to look out for & how much I should pay for coins in particular


Any help greatly appreciated :ninja:

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Thanks Johnny - glad my collection is worth a bit of mentioning :ninja:


Trust me, it wasn't fun trying to collect the whole Soviet commemorative set - I'm not going to bother trying to upgrade the set to proof,unc set as that will be way too costly. The basic minimum that I paid for is perhaps closer to 70USD ish, which is quite unrealistic these days, thanks to the mad market.


This is one catalogue that I personally recommand for Soviet commemorative coins (there is no price catalogue unlike what the title says) : http://cgi.ebay.com/RUSSIAN-MEMORIAL-COINS...oQQcmdZViewItem


Alternatively you can check out the free link here, except it has only ni-cupro commemorative coins: (slow but it works) http://shiraliv.narod.ru/


Thing is, prices on ebay are starting to go a bit mad and to add the fact that shipping prices are going a bit too high, you might want to give a check with your dealer junk coin lot first. The easiest to find should be the pre 1970s commemorative coins as these were minted in terms of millions. I actually bought most of my Soviet coins back in Moscow at a very reasonable price.


There is one crucial difference between a normal coin and a novodel, i.e. a restrike and prices do differ on them. Do check them out carefully and you might end up finding some bizarre error like this one:




Year is supposed to be 1985 to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of Fedrick Engels but for some reason, this novodel was coupled with dies from 1983 and messed up. ;)


Good luck!

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