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2007-P Dime: Stages of die breakdown


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Here are the ones I have. Whats up with this P.??? And he has a Scareface.

One more pic


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I found several more in the in between stages, they all have a indent on the cheeck and a raised dot below the eye. And all have a distinctive die crack in the hair, were later lamination occurs. I also found a later die stage of the crack with it extending all the way to the coins border/rim. I'll get pics up sometime this weekend.



Btw Dprice, every star burst looking coin I've found has that same machine doulbing on the date and mintmark. On a few there are even many tiny chips all over and around the mintmark.

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I got a roll of 2007-P dimes from work, and I found half a dozen with a sun burst around rosey's head, and


Good Find! :ninja:


Maybe I am seeing things again, but on on pic 1 what are the lines emanating from Trust sw down and not quite to the rim? Maybe die clash?


On stage 2, under his chin, directly above ST is that a die crack?


Also on stage 2, there appear to be ghost letters under the lower most point of his neck near the rim that look like s l a p... I have no idea if that is a reflection, and would have no idea what it could be.


Stage 2, again, is there some doubling on In God We Trust?


Stage 4... I want to say very large pimple... but that would be gross...

So, instead, I will say it seems like he has the greater share of what ever was going around at the time.



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