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help indentifing coin??


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My great uncle just passed away recently and he had a bunch of foreign coins in his possession, which i took...i was going through them and found this one...i just want to know what it is and where it comes from...i'm not sure if it's even authentic or not...any help would be great...thanks...DSCF03432.jpg

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Welcome! Your coin is from Hungary, Joseph II (1765-1790), and based on size can be either a Thaler (Dav. 1168) or a Half Thaler... If you post the weight, we could tell for sure. Also, it looks to have a nice, dark toning - don't clean it :ninja:


As far as being authentic - can't really tell from the image. You could compare it to this one from CoinArchives:



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Thank you so much for figuring it out for me....well it is identical to the photo you posted, so unless they went around making modern day copies of this coin...i'm assuming it's authentic...now i'm not interested in selling, but i'm curious if this is something i should keep in a safe place or is it not really worth anything? also being this old is it made of silver?...i tried doing some research, but i couldn't find too much as of now...also as authenticity goes, there is designing and words on the edging of the coin...i tried to take a better pic below of both the front and the back...DSCF03575.jpg

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