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need help id'ing these coins :)


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well i basically have these 3 coins which i have a real hard time identifing an since i dont have a scanner that works an my bro is greedy to share >_> an my camera sux x< i'ave nvr been able to take their pics however i was surfing ebay today an found a pic of a few of the coins that look somewhat similer an same thickness range "The largest one is 25mm in diameter to give some idea of size. The thickest one is 5mm thick." (not same as mine i don know how to messure coins ;)) anyway heres a link with the pics http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/9-ANCIENT-VINTAGE-TH...1QQcmdZViewItem the pics r :-




ok cant upload the second pic cause its too big but u can c both pics at :-



:D any info will be nice an tnx ahead :D u need more info bout how the cion looks like ask me :D so far the basic is "it looks it has arabic or persian writtin on it hard to tell cause im not good at reading stuff written on old coins ;) an the coins r thick but the small 1 i have is still thick but a bit thick for its size they r all bronze an authentic from wat i can c even asked a frnd who collects coins an a seller i know all said they r authentic but don know wat they r :ninja::D anyways even the slightest info will be nice cause im goin crazy here ;) ;)

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