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I have a couple of coins that grade less than G and I am not sure how to value them (price them for sale). Are there grades below G?


The first one is a SLQ with no date. Because it is less than G, does it automatically have a value of the silver content?




The second is a shield nickel, V1. As you can see, there is almost no detail on the reverse and the obverse is better in that you can see the date. Because of its condition, is it now worth 0 to 5c?







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looks lke the 5 cent peice has been heavily cleaned...


yea as u can see the scratches near the 5 an near the pic an date all go in one direction an not randomly some1 might have tried to clean it a bit too aggresivly. as for their worth i don know since the oldest american coin i found an have is a 1917-s cent xD

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