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Medal from 1881

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I have nice medal of known German medallist Friedrich Wilhelm Kullrich (1821-1887).

Medal commemorate proclamation of Carol-I as King of Romania on 10 May 1881.

Anybody have other medals of Friedrich Wilhelm Kullrich?? If possible please show in this forum.


P.S. if any forum member want purchase this nice medal please let me know.




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There is a publication on Kullrich about his work:

Klaus Sommer: Die Medaillen der Königlich-Preussischen Hof-Medailleure Christoph Carl Pfeuffer und Friedrich Wilhelm Kullrich.

Biblo Verlag, Osnabrück 1986

This publication is in German, but contains all medals made by Pfeuffer and by Kullrich.


Kullrich made the honour medal of the Technical High School of Berlin (now Technical University of Berlin).



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