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Albania to withdraw 100 leke notes


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100 ALL banknotes will not be used in the next year. Bank of Albania announces that it has started gathering of 100 ALL banknotes, because they will be withdrawn from circulation in 2008. Coin of 100 ALL will be used instead of this banknote. Meanwhile circulation of 200 ALL banknote will be reduced. Overuse of these banknotes has caused their damage, because this category of banknotes has a faster circulation compared to other banknotes. Meanwhile BoA sources inform that new 20 thousand ALL banknote may be injected into market at the end of 2007. Bank of Albania has formed a work group consisting of field experts who undertook to make the design of new banknote. Official sources in this institution have declared that immediately after workgroup has prepared “new face”, process of injecting it into market will start.



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