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2007 Washington $ 3 errors

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I got 2 rolls. All of them have this Starburst look to it. Some with filled S. Some with a die crack at the tip of N in president. Is the Starbust being Considered and Error??? What would cause this? I have some with Filled S(reverse), Die Crack on the N(obverse), and Starburst(Front and Back). If it has 3 errors would this be desireable?




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Starburst. It looks like sun rays all the way around George's head in a circle. Like when you look at a star and you see the light rays in a circle around it. Do you see the staight lines on the coin?

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Yes the starburst would be created by a oil droplet (or greasy dies) before the applying of the rimtext. The spinning in the roller, would spread the oil in that manner, and the final coating would trap this starburst for us to find and ponder about :ninja:


First discovered on the GW$, but already found on the JA$ too.


Nice multiple error find!





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