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Canadian Fifty-Cent Error - 1943

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:ninja: Hi - Can someone help me out? I trying figure it out how much coin errors are worth. If u could see I have at least fours errors on this coin. I tried to highlight the spots.


1. The tail and rim are attached - steel blob. Sorry don't know proper word for it.

2. On the harness section - Tiny dot on it.

3. The hoove is attached to three.

4. The date itself is a bit small comparing to other regular coin.



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Thanks CCQ - #1 section is cud. I found the error type on one website.

The rest more research. I collect coins, not into varieties (error coins). I got off guard with this one. :ninja: Someone told me this coin may be worth more than $10 because the other errors...But again I don't know. I just started this interesting hobby before Christmas....

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Hey Snoopy,


If yo are a coin collector of Canadian coinage, do you have access to a Charlton or Haxby Price Guide? I am not very knowledgeable on Canadian varieties as I am on US varieties. But there may be a listing for that coin that might, and I DO stress the word MIGHT, be worth something significant. If you don't have one or both of those books, you might check your local library or coin shop, and take a peek. Never know til you research though. :ninja:


Here is an interesting site for Canadian Errors.



I just got done looking, and the site admin hasn't added your 1943 CUD to his llist. So, you never know.....do some more research and see what happens. This part of the hobby will suck you in and not let you go. LOL


On another note, the combinations of die cracks and or cuds, has little or no extra value than the CUD part of it. That from personal experience. Now if you want to see a nice die crack, look on your 1973-D Jefferson Nickles. I had one and sold it on eBay long ago, that had a die crack from rim to rim, and it was a thick die crack that was naked eye visible. Oh and it went for around $45 I think. Seen a Lincoln cent that way as well go for around $200. The reason I mention this is to le ya see that the market is and can be fickle. But, a coin with 3 or 4 small die cracks, doesn't do much for the coins value unless it is DRAMATIC. OK?

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