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Before I let you know of my problem let me congratulate you for Omnicoin. It is an amazing platform.


I have registered to Omnicoin with the id "Colligo V". Unfortunately every time I try to view my gallery (http://www.omnicoin.com/?collection=Colligo V) i get an "invalid id" message. I can imagine (but I don't really know my way around) that this has something to do with the space between "Colligo" and "V". The question is: What can I do now?


Thank you for your time.



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That is something akdrv has to check out and confirm - he maintains both coinpeople and omnicoin.


If I am not mistaken, the server has issues when it comes down to "odd" characters such as "spacebar" and "@". I remember grivna's id is invalid when I checked his collection.


I'm sure akdrv can change your account name easily.

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