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New book: Guide to coins and banknotes of Yugoslavia


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A new guide book on the coins and banknotes of Yugoslavia and its successor countries will be published in April 2007: "The Guide to Coins and Banknotes of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia."


From the Foreword: "The interest of the collectors for ex-Yugoslavian numismatics is very high today, but there are no proper catalogs. There are no catalog which contains “all at one place”, all what’s interesting for collectors...


"This catalog (The Guide) at more than 500 pages (A5), through images and texts presents all important areas of modern numismatics of Yugoslavia ad successor countries since 1868 until present. All coins and banknotes are presented with images and most important technical data which are interesting for collectors. This catalog is simple and in practical (pocket) size. It’s written on English language."


"Price of the book is: 25,00 EUR If you want to reserve your copy in advance, please contact:




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