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Oh Art, you are fantastic! Not only did you help me with my quest for sets, but all these extras! This Olympic dollar is actually one of the few I like and was actually going to purchase someday. You are wonderful! :ninja:

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OK boys and girls, listen up because this is the real deal.

Art had some proof sets he wanted to sell, and posted them here at Coinpeople.com first. I got a couple of those sets, and the transaction went very well. The rest he posted up on eBay. I looked at them, and made some bids on a few of his sets. I ended up with five sets.

My first winning bid was for a 1977-S Proof set. Once I won it, I paid for it and the shipping costs he asked for. He wrote me back, said if OK with me, he would hold this set to see if I won any more. If I did, I would only have to pay the one, very low shipping cost of $2.50. I agreed to this plan. I ended up with a total of 5 sets, and even though he said the $2.50 would cover shipping, I bumped it up a few dollars. Well, today I get all 5 sets, all shipped very well, and as you can imagine the shipping was a lot more than $2.50. In addition, however, as a bonus I find a coin that is valued at $10 in any coin store in the states! A $10 coin bonus!

So listen up. You do a deal with Art, and you are getting a square deal. This individual goes way out of the way to make sure you are a satisfied customer. If he has some coins for sale you have been looking for, jump on his offers. He is more than fair.


Art is a great person to deal with, Sorry for not responding sooner, Art.  I didn't see this here when we did our deal.


Bought more than ninety-nine banknotes from me, wow!  :wink:


Payment could not possibly have been faster.  :ninja:


Great deal for me!


Not only he sent me the silver 1971 Dollars in their original packaging that I was not expecting, especially at the price I paid for them, but he sent me some extras that will "slot" very nicely in my collection.




Not only is Art a good seller, he is a good buyer also.  Won an auction and paid instantly.


:mrgreen: Art was great to deal with.


Ok, not even paying he sends you great notes!




Thanks for the great Maldives notes, they are beautiful  ;)




Art is wonderful as ever.


I got a Silver Amereican Eagle from Art which was a great transaction.  I got it on our sunami auctions.  Beautiful coin and it was in the original mint packaging which was a very pleasant suprise.  Fast shipping to.  Thanks Art ;)
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Art is always a great bidder/buyer.  I could fill up this page with all the positive transactions I have had with Art!!!  Always good communications, always lightning fast payments!!!  Always a pleasure to deal with!!.  Thanks!!!


Art Your The Man!


Recieved "Somebody's Watching You" payment for auctions via USPS.  Arrived safely.  ;)


Always a pleasure.


Great coins and a 50 Initus wooden nickel freebies!


Last night I got a beautiful Canadian Maple Leaf from Art, along with a couple of bonus notes.  Great deal!!!!  Thanks Art!!!


No problems from ART! Quick pay and with a $2 bill too.


Thanks Art.


Great trading partner with a good eye for grades.  I've been very pleased with the deals I've made with Art.  Very quick to pay and packages coins carefully for mailing.


Art is da man!  Got  my $50 star note.

And my contest SAE today.  I LOVE ART!  I LOVE ART!  :ninja:

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Got a great looking 2005 ASE in the mail from Art today!!  Great deal!!! Thanks Art.  I owe you one (or two or seven).


A massive shipment came in from Art today.  :ninja:  I am continually impressed with the amount of things Art has up for sale.  I am always pleased.  And thank you so much for the extra Canadian Dollar.  ;)


Thanks for the ultra-quick payment!!! Enjoy those notes, they were a couple of my favorites. ;)
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Received a huge unwrapping-exersize today:


A big USPS Global Priorty Mail envelope.

In there, some thing wrapped in thick, brown wrapping paper.

In there, a white box.

In there, covered in styrofoam chips: a package in bubble wrap plastic.

Finally, in the bubble wrap : The Official Red Book, spiral bound version



Thanks a lot Art, a big :ninja:;)

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