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Starting Monday and then each day until Friday. Make a post to this topic once a day and be entered in the contest. From each day I will do a random drawing and pull one post. So there will be a total of 5 winners. If I draw the same person twice I'm going to put that one away and do another drawing from the same day. (It will keep someone from winning twice, but it will spread the winning out better.) It will be for one John Adams Dollar Denver mint. Saturday I'll announce the winners and try to get them sent out Monday.


So to wrap up make a post here once everyday. Only one post per day per person. It will go off the date it shows on the forums calender. Winners announced Saturday. You can make posts today but they won't count.

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Thanks for the contest, It's a nice way to try to add a D to my collection in the land of only "P's". :ninja:


Best Regards,



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Day Two - Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed :ninja:


Good Luck Everyone!

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What about our eyes? :ninja:


LOL - As the Quality Control Manager I raise enough eyebrows walking around with my fingers and toes crossed. If people see that I have my eyes crossed too, they will know all the products leaving here will not work.

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