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Medal on Carl Partsch

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Hello friends of the medal,


The medal enclosed has been made by a medallist in 1926, who signed with “M”.

The medal is to the honour of Carl Partsch, professor for dental surgery in Breslau and president of the academic athletic club.

The medal has been given by the Breslau University to sportsmen with extraordinary sportive achievements.

Diameter 120 mm, 600 g., casted bronce.




Following the expert on Silesian medals, Jan Sakwerda, it is suspected that the medallist might be Thomas Myrtek. I have studied the work of Thomas Myrtek, but have not found any medal made by him.

In a dictionary on German medalists of the first half of the 20th century, the medal is included, but the medallist of the Carl Partsch medal is catagorized as not known.

(Lexikon deutschsprachiger Medailleure und ihrer Werke in der ersten Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts, Jacek Strzalkowski, Lodz 2000).

Is there anybody in the forum, who knows more on the medal or the medallist?

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Sorry I dont know anything about this Medal but just wanted to say how striking the face is, he looks so careworn :ninja: Whomever did make it had a real skill ;)

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