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1974 ANA Numismatist - Full set

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This is the full set of Numismatists from 1974. They've been read but are in excellent condition. A fantastic reference set for coin, medal, token and paper money collectors. Lots of great articles including one on starting a coin collection by Q. David Bowers.


Price: $6.95 plus $5.00 for S&H to US addresses. They will be shipped by Media Mail. Shipping to non-US addresses can be arranged. is far too expensive to consider.

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:ninja:;);) So nobody has any interest in terrific articles like: ;);):D


"Military Headgear on the Satirical Coins of Napoleon III"




"Ancient Countermarks"




"The Money Stretchers" (elongated coins)




"The Caduceus: Ancient Symbol on Modern Coins"




""A Short History of 20th Century Overdates"




"Russian Gold Coinage - 1682 to 1925" by our own R.W.Julian


And that's only going from Dec to Sep. Plus lots of medals articles and news on new issues both US and Worldwide.


I can't believe it. What treasures for the Numismatist. Great summer reading.

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